In the future the biosimilar landscape will be dominated by the few prescient companies that forge a path to success today. In order to be among these “winners”, companies (be they biosimilar manufacturers or biologic reference companies) need to reinforce their defenses against fierce competition, to differentiate their products, and to navigate unclear market and regulatory conditions.

Despite the complex web of issues facing biosimilar players, success in this difficult environment is possible. Biosimilar manufacturers need to understand the rapidly shifting and highly competitive biosimilar landscape, go to market faster than the competition, and think through operational efficiencies across their commercial operations in order to gain a lasting competitive advantage. But all of this can’t be managed in a vacuum. ZS can help.

Our team, with expertise not only in the broader healthcare ecosystem but also in specialty areas like oncology and autoimmune diseases, helps companies like yours navigate and influence the challenging and uncertain biosimilars market. We understand the complexity of the landscape and can usher you safely through the nuances of biosimilars patent law as disputes resolve and alter existing law in real time. Our experts partner with you to adapt your company to shifting regulatory restrictions, and help you make sense of the commercial implications of payer policies, physician and patient adoption, and pricing reimbursement strategies that are rapidly evolving in the market.

The ZS Approach

We know the pharmaceutical industry and we know biologics and biosimilars. ZS is a global life sciences consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and nearly 5,000 experts in strategy, analytics and technology. Our biosimilars team is made up of cross-functional professionals who are ready to contribute their expertise in strategic consulting, technology, forecasting, market access and sales force operations to help you successfully navigate the uncertain regulatory, commercial and legal aspects of the biosimilars market.

Our team offers all the power and convenience of the entire range of ZS offerings, focused on the particular needs of the biosimilars landscape.

Pipeline and launch strategy: We partner with you to optimize your portfolio. We develop a customized road map from disease area and pipeline strategy through product development and launch that optimizes commercialization decision-making and efficiency, resulting in a more successful product.

Marketing strategy and operations: Marketing success derives from a deep, integrated understanding of the factors in play in a given therapy area. We help your company understand your customers, and how to engage them with meaningful, timely messages. We apply advanced analytics to unveil the dynamics of a given market.

Sales strategy and operations: We partner with your sales teams to help them deliver optimal results. Be it clarifying complex business questions, conducting in-depth research or designing and implementing motivational compensation and resource plans, we are there as a true partner. Our team continues on after implementation, optimizing your resource allocation as needs change.

Navigate the Competitive Biosimilars Landscape with ZS’s Deep Expertise

We at ZS can be a unique partner for you. With more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, broad offerings that span from portfolio decisions to strategic marketing and successful implementation, and a dedicated biosimilars team, we understand the nuances of these complex markets.

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