Digital health is well-positioned to help pharmaceutical and medtech companies create more value for patients. However, the success of digital health solutions is reliant on innovative commercial models—models with a strong focus on data and analytics, and outcomes. 


Pete Masloski, a ZS principal and leader of the firm’s digital and connected health initiative, recently spoke with digital health venture fund Rock Health about how digital health tools are “transforming the business of healthcare,” spurring an industry-wide evolution toward data-driven care in which all parties can benefit. “Consumers will be better informed about their health choices; physicians will have more visibility into what treatment options work best for whom under what circumstances; health plans will have a better understanding of treatment choices; and pharmaceutical and medical device companies will be able to strategically determine which products and services to build,” Masloski told Rock Health. 


The interview covers topics ranging from charting the future course of digital health to the impact that data and analytics are having on life sciences companies’ commercial models, the growing prevalence of data-oriented partnerships in life sciences, and the ethical stewardship of personal health data.