As the global healthcare landscape continues to evolve, many biopharmaceutical companies continue to deploy a scattered, mass-market approach to targeting healthcare providers through a wide variety of channels and tactics. In effect, many of these biopharmaceutical companies are hoping that if they throw enough assets at enough customers, something will eventually hit the mark.


With doctors becoming harder to engage, traditional sales and marketing methods are becoming increasingly ineffective, and it’s more and more difficult for biopharmaceutical companies to promote their products and stand out from the crowd. By continuing their old ways, biopharmaceutical marketers might even be making the situation worse. With sales and marketing teams functioning in silos, companies are targeting the same customer with multiple, uncoordinated campaigns or touches, which results in inconsistent or mixed messages.


It’s a negative customer experience, to say the least. This dated approach leads to wasted effort, unhappy customers and, ultimately, lower sales. A more effective approach is a customer-centric marketing approach. A key method for delivering customer-centric campaigns is Integrated Promotion Planning (IPP), which integrates and optimizes customer preferences, promotion options and delivery frequency for each individual customer or segment into one holistic plan.


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