ZS has developed a framework, the ZS Channel Management Technology Landscape, to help high-tech channel managers evaluate and select channel management tools and services. The landscape provides terminology to describe business requirements and common definitions, and organizes vendors in functional categories based on their solutions. The landscape does not provide recommendations for which vendors to choose or tools to utilize. As noted above, the right vendors and tools depend on a company’s unique business requirements.


Please note that the Channel Management Technology Landscape is inevitably incomplete, and some vendors may have been left off the graphic. The landscape should be considered a “living document” that will evolve over time. As more vendors are identified and additional information is provided regarding their offerings, we will publish additional versions of the landscape. In future versions, the framework will likely be refined as well to provide more granularity on how vendors and their offerings compare.

This graphic identifies companies that provide different categories of channel management technology. The category definitions and inclusion of the identified companies within each category are based on ZS’s experience helping clients leverage technology to improve channel management and accelerate profitable growth. The identified companies offer software that specifically addresses channel management needs. ZS aligned companies to categories based on a review of their websites and marketing materials. This graphic is for informational purposes only and is not a promotion nor endorsement of any of the identified companies.