New ZS research shows what financial advisors expect from their relationships with asset managers, and how asset managers can use personalization to deliver on those expectations.


ZS collected feedback from more than 350 financial advisors in order to better articulate the requirements for and benefits of personalized communication. This study:

  • Defines a framework for assessing the relationship between asset managers and advisors
  • Highlights the types of interactions that could truly benefit advisors
  • Measures the mutual benefits to advisors and asset managers

In our research, we found that the first step is to actually get through to advisors—to have them take a meeting, open content, attend an event or visit the website. Once that contact occurs, it’s imperative to share relevant, valuable content and offers that reflect a true dialogue with the advisor. Doing so ensures continued access, and creates real value. We’ve summarized this relationship between the asset manager and advisor in a new metric: the connection quotient (CQ). These insights provide a new lens through which to view the advisor/asset manager relationship, and has helped quantify how and why to build CQ.


Download the "Connection quotient"  paper and the "Supercharge your CQ" infographic for insights you can use now to enhance asset manager and advisor relationships.