Here are three “no regret” moves that medtech leaders can make to address revenue pressures today while preparing for a profitable future


Medtech customers are changing fast, yet at the same time, these customers appear to be standing still.


The medtech industry is challenged by this paradoxical nature of change. It can’t let go of its old (high-touch, clinically oriented, field-dominant) selling model in order to preserve business, but at the same time, however slowly the customers are changing, medtech still has to develop and operationalize new business models for the few customers who are buying differently. This puts a strain on SG&A spending for most medtech companies, just as most senior executives are grappling with the task of cutting down costs to fund investments intended to “future-proof” their organizations.


A key question on executives’ minds today is, “How can we fund the investments required for the future while the profitability of our existing businesses is under serious pressure?”


Discover three “no regret” moves that medtech companies can make now to “bridge for growth.”