With data sources becoming an increasingly available—and valuable—resource, life sciences organizations can use more robust data to power their decision-making and stay ahead of the competition. However, creating an efficient internal analytics capability to generate actionable insights can be expensive and time-consuming.


REVO Analytics, ZS’s own integrated analytics platform, is here to transform life sciences companies with a powerful, pre-built analytics capability.


Watch this webinar to learn how companies like yours can utilize REVO’s ready-to-use business applications for guided big data analytics, how to use REVO’s workbench for ad hoc analytics, and how REVO’s apps combine large-scale data wrangling with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning libraries to power insights generation in a wide spectrum of use cases.


Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • The biggest insight-generation challenges that life sciences companies are facing—and how to solve them
  • How technology-enabled analytics platforms are transforming the way IT and business users collaborate to drive business outcomes
  • How ZS’s REVO Analytics platform helps life sciences companies accelerate their analytics capabilities