Faced with economic, regulatory and pricing pressures, the life sciences industry is constantly looking for new ways to transform commercial execution. Restrictions on physician access, evolving provider models and increased physician use of digital technologies mean that life sciences companies are now challenged to deliver an unparalleled customer experience at an increasing number of touchpoints.


But to improve the customer experience, life sciences companies must start by changing the experience within their own commercial organization—by deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform vast amounts of data into suggested actions that are personalized for each user and customer.


In this webinar, we’ll touch upon the broader AI-based transformation within life sciences and illustrate how commercial execution can be transformed. This discussion will include:

  • Trends in the life sciences industry that necessitate a transformation of commercial execution
  • Stories of life sciences companies that have successfully disrupted their approach to commercial execution with AI
  • How ZS’s latest product family, VERSO™, enables life sciences organizations to drive higher customer engagement, and ultimately transform the customer experience