Ten years ago, having a sales force effectiveness center of excellence was unique in the medtech industry but is now a cornerstone of every high-performing organization. Now, marketing excellence is the next great differentiator for medtech commercial operations. ZS recently helped one medtech company reorganize the sales team that serves its wound care business unit. Specifically, the wound care company needed the marketing team to identify how patients moved through the market, where key decisions were being made and, ultimately, the resulting value of each marketing channel.


The marketing team struggled to produce the required inputs and strategic direction to help the sales force make fact-based decisions. This required the sales organization—and, by proxy, ZS—to fill in knowledge gaps using hypotheses and assumptions. While taking that approach helped us reach an answer, was it the most optimal approach? And in a world that enables us to gather and analyze robust insights about our customers and markets, was it an appropriate approach? I wish I could say that this recent experience was unique, but I see the same challenges over and over again in my medtech work. Fundamentally, companies lack the core marketing capability to leverage the market, competitor and customer insights that drive business decisions.