How will best-in-class sales compensation programs look in the future? Find out in this book from ZS. Written by two of the world’s leading sales compensation experts, ZS Principals Chad Albrecht and Steve Marley, The Future of Sales Compensation delivers forward-looking insights that can turn you into a sales comp innovator. The book has never-before-seen ideas on topics such as:

  • Why the intrinsic versus extrinsic incentives argument is not an either-or debate
  • How to introduce an innovative new sales compensation plan while continuing to engage and motivate top performers
  • Why predictive analytics will revolutionize the way you design and administer your plans
  • How to understand and motivate different types of salespeople, including Millennials, and why the one-size-fits-all approach may be on the decline
  • How to leverage technological advances and drive superior performance within your sales force

And more!

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