At ZS, a career in data science means solving real-life problems with high tangible impact. ZS offers an environment for women keen to leverage the transformative power of deep expertise and innovation in big data, advanced analytics and AI. Within ZS’s business consulting function, our advanced data science group is building scalable capabilities for generating, operationalizing and measuring data-driven insights in several industries, including healthcare, life sciences, telecommunication, high-tech and retail. Below, hear from two members of our data science team about their growing careers at ZS.

Tana W. is a data science associate working in ZS’s New York office. A year and a half ago, she brought her background in statistics and data science, as well as internship experience in biotech, to ZS. “I wanted to further develop my career in an exciting environment where I could use statistical and data science techniques to answer critical business questions and deliver positive impact,”  she says.

She discovered no shortage of exciting opportunities at ZS. As part of the ZS advanced data science (ADS) team, Tana is involved in completing the entire life cycle from innovation to industrialization across various solutions, from foundational research in deep learning to natural language processing, and optimization and operational research. 


When recalling one of her favorite projects, Tana explains, “I was able to build a data-driven solution to help the client redesign their system for analyzing products risks and implement and automate the solution end to end.” 


Playing a direct role in making a true impact is truly ZS. “I am most proud of not only bringing solutions, but creating positive impact for clients,” she says. 

Just as COVID-19 emerged, Nina H., data science associate in the ZS San Francisco office, tackled a project challenge of demonstrating expected pandemic-induced impact on already declining product sales to a client. “It was one of my most rewarding experiences at ZS,” she explains. “It allowed me to be creative in the approach designing the model, in addition to challenging me to develop code and analyses. I was also practicing my softer skills holding walkthroughs and communicating results to the client.”


Diving into diverse ADS projects is a critical advantage, says Tana. “Every project is a wonderful learning experience in terms of data science techniques, specific domain knowledge and client engagement.” 


Nina agrees. “Being part of the ADS team at ZS has allowed me to work on a variety of projects, from sales forecasting to predicting patient health events using machine learning – within one year since coming onboard.”


Both women keep their expertise on the leading edge thanks to initiatives ZS offers in ADS: seminars, conferences, summits, support in pursuing higher education at renowned institutions worldwide and the chance to publish whitepapers and blogs. “Growth opportunities can be crafted to your interest, for example, in natural language processing,” says Nina, “with opportunities for external work, such as hackathons.” 

“The ZS culture that embraces and encourages learning is unique,” adds Tana, “as nowadays, it’s important to keep up-to-speed with the data science world.”


Nina notes that, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to sharpen my soft skills, while also continuing to progress in my technical efforts at ZS.”


What else sets ZS’s ADS culture apart? Its people, according to Tana. “Whenever you have questions, you will always be able to find an ADS colleague who shares the same passion for learning and patiently helps you dive deep into your question,” she says.


ZS is on the lookout for creative thinkers from a variety of backgrounds to join in developing and delivering products that drive better business outcomes.


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