Twice a year, hard-working ZSers around the world are rewarded for their dedication and contributions to our firm with the ultimate recognition – a promotion. This winter’s announcement gave more than 600 ZSers something extra to celebrate. From quality time with family and friends to grand adventures in unique destinations, ZSers found a way to celebrate their accomplishments in style.


San Diego ZSer Rachel spent time with her husband and family in Ohio before returning to the west coast to ring in the New Year with a gorgeous sunset along the cliffs.


Zishan, a ZSer in our new Buenos Aires office, celebrated alongside his colleagues with an adventurous trip to Iguazu Falls.


Akriti (New Delhi) indulged her palette and treated her friends and family to meals at different restaurants and cafes.


New Delhi ZS Ankita was first promoted to “mother” in 2019 before receiving the good news of her work promotion during her maternity leave. Double congrats, Ankita!



Business Operations Consultant Yashveer took a motorcycle trip to Bhutan with fellow ZSers where they embraced the breathtaking views and culture of the country.


Los Angeles-based ZSer Toni had a fireside promotion celebration surrounded by family, food and wine.


Data Science Manager Naman (Pune) was visiting his colleagues in our Seattle office when he found out about his promotion. He used the remainder of his work trip to continue his celebrations, with stops in Mexico and New York City before finally returning to celebrate with friends and family in India.

ZSer Ajay ended 2019 with a marriage and a promotion, so he had lots to celebrate during a four-week European vacation with his newlywed wife.


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