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Javelin™ Alignment Manager

Maintain effective territories in an ever-changing market

Many sales organizations fail to keep up with changes in the competitive landscape, new customers or changes within the sales force. Such organizations struggle with long sales-planning cycles, outdated sales data and misaligned customer priorities. There must be a better way to ensure that sales territory alignment provides effective and appropriate coverage of customers.

Javelin™ Alignment Manager is a territory management software as a service (SaaS) solution that enables sales organizations to improve ongoing territory planning, respond quickly to changing market conditions, and overcome dependencies on legacy systems and manual processes.

Javelin Alignment Manager

Automated territory management

Operationalize and automate ongoing territory refinements by geography, employee, customer and product mix.

Collaborative workflows and decision support

Empower sales management with automated workflows to collaborate in real-time and capabilities to help make better alignment decisions.

Cloud-based system of record

Move your territory management system of record to the cloud and integrate with your CRM, IC and HR systems.

Shorten planning cycles

Streamline ongoing territory management in order to respond quickly to ever-changing market conditions.

Ensure optimal sales coverage

Enable sales management and sales operations to better collaborate in order to improve ongoing territory planning.

Reduce costs, drive revenue and comply with IT standards

Overcome the constraints of legacy systems and manual processes by moving your territory management system of record to the cloud.