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Javelin Field Hub - Deliver a fully responsive and personalized experience

Javelin Field Hub (JFH) allows users to view all relevant sales planning and compensation related information in one place, view able anywhere – desktop, tablet, or a smartphone. With the Permission-based access Sales Managers will be able to publish pertinent information to their team promoting more collaboration and visibility across sales teams.

  • Flexible layouts, to organize widgets on a page to meet different clients’ needs
  • Responsive User Interface, which adapts to the screen size of the device being used
  • Ability to publish and manage Global Contents, that will be common to all sites
  • Ability to define Visibility rules, to control the content access
  • Ability to add and manage sites per BU/teams
  • Ability to schedule and preview future content and set expiration dates

       Improve sales team’s productivity by managing sales data in a single system

  • Publish and manage content in a single system that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on any platform

      Streamline your data by defining custom layouts by individual, team or business unit

  • Add and organize widgets to publish information, inquiry management and integrate with other Javelin applications
  • Control content access with ease via visibility rules

      Achieve Ops efficiency with easy-to-maintain content across various users and groups

  • Publish and manage content across multiple individuals or groups
  • Provide and limit content publishing rights to Sales Managers
  • Access to an Audit Log that tracks changes in the system providing visibility into different stages of sales performance cycle