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Javelin™ MBO Utility

Define MBOs across all levels of sales systematically

Motivating and evaluating a sales force is not always as simple as measuring sales results. Javelin™ MBO Utility is Web-based software that helps automate the MBO (management by objectives) process. Javelin™ MBO Utility allows sales reps and managers to set objectives together, while also providing transparent feedback on ratings and performance.

Javelin MBO Utility

Javelin MBO Utility

Integrated workflow capability

Enable all management levels to define, view, comment on and edit objectives within a single portal.

Automatic emailing 

Notify employees and managers when it’s their turn to participate in the objective-setting process.

Business rule notifications

Help ensure that MBOs meet company standards and are approved by following the appropriate sign-off requirements.


Automate the objective-setting process

Foster participation from employees and managers without the need for countless voice-mail or e-mail communications.

Promote buy-in 

A collaborative and transparent objective-setting process that identifies clear and actionable objectives helps motivate and retain sales reps.