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Javelin™ Quota Designer

Establish fair and motivating sales goals

Setting accurate sales goals is the top sales compensation challenge for many companies. Javelin™ Quota Designer is Web-based software that establishes fair, motivating and effective sales goals at every level across the sales organization. With Javelin™ Quota Designer, you can streamline the goal-setting process, test multiple inputs and quickly see the impact of any changes.

Javelin Quota Designer 

Customizable inputs

Create sales goals based on multiple factors, including local trends, historical sales, market forecasts and sales force structure.

Fairness tests

Quickly validate which methodology will provide effective and fair sales goals that pay for performance.

"What-if" comparisons

Understand how changes to assumptions will affect the final sales goals and if the changes will lead to more effective and fairer sales goals.

Save time and effort while setting more meaningful sales goals

Streamline the design and analysis of sales goals by running fairness tests at the click of a button, replacing inefficient spreadsheet models. Process goals for multiple teams and products simultaneously.

Gain buy-in from the field

Explain and easily communicate the fairness and accuracy of new sales goals using powerful built-in reports to encourage quicker buy-in and adoption by your sales force.