Javelin™ Sales Compensation Analytics

Gain insight into sales performance leveraging configurable, interactive reports and analytics

Sales reps,managers and compensation analysts all need insight into sales compensation metrics to effectively manage performance. Javelin™ Sales Compensation Analytics offers a suite of configurable,interactive reports and analytics available out of the box with the ability to customize,based on your organizations needs.

Javelin Analytics

Mobile reports

Allow sales reps and managers to easily access payout potential from online their iPad or web browser.

Diagnostics Reports

Provide key insights into sales compensation KPIs as well as evaluation and deep dive analysis into sales force performance.

Rich Data Visualization

Offers rich widgets, high visualization effects and the ability to drag and drop objects to pull data sets.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Empower sales analysts to create reports on the fly, while giving deep insight into underlying compensation metrics for analysis.

Gain efficient, flexible insight into sales performance

Arms analysts with the ability to produce both standard and customized reports using rich visualization to gain critical insight into sales performance metrics.

Improve sales performance

By directly linking performance to payout, you’re reinforcing specific sales behaviors, making it more likely that they will align sales activities with product goals.

Motivate your sales force

Eliminate ambiguity by offering your sales reps and managers complete visibility into their compensation plans, current performance and future payout potential.