Javelin™ Sales Compensation Reports

Powerful insights for today’s sales compensation programs

To improve sales effectiveness, reps and managers require visibility into current and future payout potential. Javelin™ Sales Compensation Reports offer insight into an individual’s key performance metrics. As a result, your sales force can easily track how their progress ties to better forecast earnings against current plans and recognition programs.

Javelin™ Sales Compensation Reports enable organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their sales force by offering a suite of configurable, interactive reports that provide fast, online and mobile access to performance metrics.

Mobile Reports

Grant sales reps and managers the ability to easily access payout potential via the web or an iPad app, both online and offline.

Summary Reports

Provide consolidated performance rankings of the entire sales force in one place.

Interactive Calculator

Allows reps to easily create what-if scenarios to predict future payout potential based on their activities.

Gain Efficient, Flexible Insight Into Sales Performance

Improve Sales Performance

By directly linking performance to payout, you’re reinforcing positive sales behaviors, making it more likely that they will align their sales activities with product and company goals.

Motivate Your Sales Force

Eliminate ambiguity by offering your sales reps and manager clear, direct visibility into their compensation plan, current performance and future payout potential.