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Javelin™ Incentive Manager

Automate your sales compensation calculations

Running a sales compensation program is overwhelming. Javelin™ Incentive Manager is highly flexible, web-based incentive compensation software that oversees the entire incentive process, from defining incentive programs to ensuring payouts are correct and on time, while implementing even the most complicated business rules with ease.

Javelin Incentive Manager

Javelin Incentive Manager

Built-in validations

Review the quality of incoming data to ensure that sales compensation calculations are using correct data.

Quick start wizard

Easily create many of the most common sales compensation plans, like commissions, roll-up, ranking, goal attainment and payout grids.

Customizable reports and graphs

Keep your team informed and confident of their payout plans.


Lower costs by centralizing and minimizing sales compensation administration

Organize and validate data from HR, finance and sales and apply business rules to systematically produce payouts, all from one incentive compensation software solution.

Deliver on-time and accurate payouts

Web-based, customizable reports keep your team informed and confident of their payout plans.

Create flexible incentive compensation structures

Experiment with different plan structures, create an unlimited number of plan scenarios and understand how different plan structures affect final payouts.