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Javelin™ Quota Refiner

Refine sales goals at a local level

Setting accurate sales goals for every rep in every territory is a difficult task for headquarters. Javelin™ Quota Refiner is Web-based software that allows field sales managers to easily refine sales goals to reflect unique conditions in their territories, while supporting company goals.

Javelin Quota Refiner

Javelin Quota Refiner

Bottom-up refinements

Improve sales force buy-in with inputs from field managers to help ensure unique conditions are reflected in goals.

Integrated workflows

Allow multiple users to refine the same record while documenting changes and approvals.

Business rule notifications

Alert users when rule thresholds are exceeded to ensure that refinement requests meet the requirements set during sales compensation planning.

Boost morale and improve sales performance

Invite sales reps and managers into the goal-setting process to empower the team to make changes so their sales goals reflect unique conditions in their territories.

Reduce overhead and errors

Replace spreadsheets with a Web-based software solution designed to eliminate human error, reduce manual effort and lower labor costs.