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Javelin™ Territory Designer

Design efficient and effective sales territories using analytics

Better sales territories equal higher sales. Optimal distribution of market opportunity, workload, resources and goals, with minimal relationship disruption, improves coverage, resource use and rep motivation. Many data sources can inform and improve territory design: sales volume, market opportunity, planned activity, goals, personnel factors, locations and travel efficiencies, and current relationships. Sales leaders need an advanced, easy-to-use tool to leverage this information to design effective territories.

Javelin™ Territory Designer enables sales organizations to establish efficient and effective sales territories using analytics to create optimal territory designs and analyze territory coverage.


Javelin Territory Designer 

Sales force and personnel optimizations

Model the interactions and flow of data to generate an efficient, data-driven design process.

Territory analysis

Analyze the effectiveness of various territory designs using map views, dashboards and diagnostic tools.

Support collaboration

Support collaboration between sales operations and sales management during the design and field review process.

Optimize market coverage

Design optimal territories by combining territory coverage requirements, org. structure and geographic information.

Drive greater insights

Better understand the business geographically by analyzing the effectiveness of various territory designs.

Gain buy-in across the sales organization

Empower sales operations and the field to make the right decisions.