Create an enterprise data lake along with data quality procedures and mastering capabilities to power your advanced analytics. REVO also provides pre-built stencils for the ingestion of industry data and pre-configured business rules, accelerating the journey from data to insights.

Data Catalog provides visibility into available data assets, business rules and business glossaries to enable democratized data usage. With Data Hub, you can operate the data lake in self-service mode, handling tasks ranging from business rule management to data ingestion and extraction. 

Get access to a library of pre-built, ready-to-deploy and use-case-specific algorithms using REVO’s Algorithm as a Service module, accelerating your data analysis and data science activities.

Create your own data labs with pre-configured analytics tools and the ability to run analytics workloads on a wide variety of infrastructure to suit your needs. Analytics Workbench seamlessly integrates with other REVO components to provide access to data across the enterprise.