2016 Commercial Operations Report for Medtech

Andrea Traverso and Bhargav Mantha

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Commercial operations within medtech grow more complex by the day. Most companies understand the need to improve capabilities and continue to invest in new technology, but they lack a clear path forward. Many struggle to prove ROI from these investments and are unable to justify the costs of implementation against the uncertainty of results. There is a silver lining, however. Despite the widespread struggle, forward-thinking medtech companies have found success turning their commercial operations investment into bottom-line growth—and they’re paving the way forward for successful technology adoption industry-wide.

These findings are drawn from ZS’s Medical Products and Services Commercial Operations Practices Study, which dives into overall trends in commercial operations; maturity in existing capabilities within each key area; satisfaction with current systems and processes, and initiatives for improving them; and also addresses potential challenges that may inhibit improvement. The survey covered seven commercial operations capabilities: CRM, contract/price management, BI/information management, MDM, advanced analytics, territory alignment and incentive compensation administration.

About the Experts

Andrea Traverso is a Principal at global sales and marketing firm ZS and has helped clients improve their sales, operations and marketing efforts for close to 20 years. Her consulting experience in the medtech industry spans across multiple areas including go-to-market strategy, opportunity assessment, segmentation and targeting, sales effectiveness, incentive compensation and overall commercial operations. Contact Andrea at

Bhargav Mantha is a Manager at ZS and is a leader in the firm's global operations and technology practice. He works with medtech companies to enable and implement effective business strategies through data and analytics. He has led several large-scale engagements involving information management strategy development and execution in areas such as Big Data, Analytics as a Service, Data Visualization and Mobility Solutions. Contact Bhargav at