Cutting Big Data Down to Size

Raj Jayashankar, Kelly Tousi and Kapil Nayyar

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The amount of available data continues to grow for every organization, in every industry. However, medical device companies face some unique issues when it comes to ingesting and understanding data. From staying compliant to staying informed about product usage, medical device companies are collecting data and exploring both forward-looking and practical uses when it comes to big data solutions. 

Before implementing a new solution, an always-critical first step includes a thoughtful strategy. There are several scenarios in which a big data solution can have value for medical device companies, including:

  • Sales and marketing: Companies can analyze correlations between campaigns and sales, uncover new market opportunities, or review product performance compared to competitors.
  • Product development: Medical device organizations can research what product features the market is clamoring for and identify modern technologies that can further advance their product, in order to maintain a competitive edge. 
  • Product support: It’s imperative to stay connected to data that is collected after the sale. Tracking compliant information is a must, but what about the possibility of analysis on training and documentation?

A proper data strategy encompasses more than where to implement a big data solution. Organizations need to combine the right people, processes and technologies to become successful. IT and the business need to work together towards a common goal, as both parties have valuable insights.

In this article, Principals Raj Jayashankar, Kelly Tousi and Associate Principal Kapil Nayyar will walk through several data challenges that medical device companies grapple with everyday. It will also cover relevant scenarios for medical device companies, business benefits from a big data solution, an overview of best practices for analyzing a big data solution and a recommended step-by-step process for how to get started.

About the Experts

Raj Jayashankar is a Principal in the ZS Boston office and currently leads our ops/tech practice within the medical products and services industry. Raj has extensive experience in commercial operations, information management and analytics. He has worked on large transformational projects in the areas of business model innovation, business operations, change management and commercial analytics.

Kelly Tousi is a Principal at ZS Associates, where she is a leader of ZS’s medical products and services practice. She has worked with life sciences companies on sales and marketing issues for more than 13 years at ZS and she has over 25 years’ experience in the industry sales and marketing. Kelly’s experience spans a broad range of issues, including market opportunity assessment, sales strategy, value-based selling, sales effectiveness and competency modeling, and performance measurement. As a part of this work, she has developed expertise with helping organizations transform their sales organizations, including implementing more effective account management and customer engagement strategies and developing competency models needed to support the transformation.

Kapil Nayyar is an Associate Principal in the ZS Princeton office, where he is a business technology leader focused on large transformation initiatives and Big Data technologies. Kapil has extensive experience building information management capabilities to improve commercial effectiveness across a wide breadth of technologies and development methodologies. He has worked in IT strategy, enterprise architecture and technology implementation in commercial, R&D and genomics domains.