Do You Control Your Data, Or Does It Control You?

Faisal Zaidi and Raj Jayashankar

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Master Data Management (MDM) is not a new concept for life sciences organizations. It is, however, evolving. With that evolution, MDM is offering unprecedented value for Pharma and Medtech – to those organizations that are prepared to embrace the change.

Industry-specific solutions designed for unique needs are available through cloud-based solutions – offering more flexibility. Data-driven roles, the concept of MDM as a service, and the more contextually-aware data steward – are in demand. These recent MDM trends are helping to provide highly-competitive life sciences companies with a complete, accurate picture of affiliations, the customer, and products.

In this article, Principals Faisal Zaidi and Raj Jayashankar will take you through the progressing role of MDM and how a strong solution can transform your entire organization. The article will walk through modern MDM trends and their application to Pharma and Med Tech organizations. It will also offer a checklist for how to begin tackling the management of your data:

  • Prepare your teams with the right knowledge of doctor and hospital affiliations
  • Determine your uniform set of data
  • Identify who will own the data within your organization – both on the business side and within IT
  • Ascertain what information should be readily-accessible to your teams through a dashboard, or user interface
  • Build a data repository with a taxonomy that is reflective of your business needs
  • Integrate your customer, affiliation, and product data with downstream processes
  • Decide how the information will be best delivered to your various teams
Trends, relevant business scenarios for life sciences, and multiple organizational benefits come together in this timely MDM article – providing the ammunition you need to modernize your MDM solution.

About the Experts

Faisal Zaidi is a Principal in the ZS Princeton office and currently leads our MDM practice at ZS . He has been helping life sciences companies for the last 17 years and specializes in master data management, business intelligence, data warehousing and commercial analytics. Faisal has helped numerous clients in various geographies ranging from North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Raj Jayashankar is a Principal in the ZS Boston office and currently leads our ops/tech practice within the medical products and services industry. Raj has extensive experience in commercial operations, information management and analytics. He has worked on large transformational projects in the areas of business model innovation, business operations, change management and commercial analytics.