Does it Need to be Inside Sales vs. Field Sales? The Tandem Approach

Andy Kach

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When we think of an inside sales team, we often have a mental picture of a master "phone jockey" negotiating with an account in Idaho or Alaska, where it doesn't make financial sense to send a field rep. That inside sales rep has full responsibility for that account and many others that fall into the category of "too small to visit in person." There is a lot of value in finding ways to cover these types of accounts, but I'm not convinced that covering the lowest-value accounts is the best - or only - use for an inside sales team. 


About the Expert

Andy Kach is a principal in ZS’s medical products and services practice in Evanston, Ill., and has more than 12 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. At ZS, he has worked exclusively with companies in the medical products industry on diverse issues related to sales and marketing strategy. Read more from Andy on ZS's The Pacemaker blog.