Fulfilling the Promise of Real-World Evidence

Qin Ye, Abhay Jha and Aaron Mitchell

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Having mature and sustainable RWD insight and evidence-generating capabilities has quickly become a necessity for pharma companies, with obvious upsides. Drug development is a complex, scientific process, and the experience of highly educated experts plays a major role in decision-making. Shifting from this well-credentialed, experience-based decision-making model to a data-driven model requires a dramatic organizational shift. Many companies have begun this significant organizational shift, which requires trust-building and change management, by making big investments in data sources, partnerships and technology. While the level of investment is a great sign, none of these are a recommended first or only step. In this article, ZS experts share five key steps to developing a successful RWE capability.

About the Experts

Qin Ye is the global real-world evidence lead for ZS. As a trained physician, informatician and data scientist, Qin has more than 15 years of health informatics and data analytics experiences with various provider and pharmaceutical organizations. In his current role, Qin leads the development of ZS’s RWE team, oversees the development of the team’s RWE capabilities, and works directly with clients on RWE programs across clinical, HEOR, medical and commercial functions.

Aaron Mitchell is a managing principal and the global lead for ZS’s R&D excellence practice. Aaron partners with clients to strengthen the value of their pipelines, optimize the execution of clinical trials, drive effective use of real-world evidence, and improve medical and scientific engagement.

Abhay Jha is the technology lead for ZS’s R&D excellence practice and manages the assimilation of technology and functional capabilities in pharmaceutical R&D. An engineer by education, Abhay advises life sciences companies on the application of existing and advanced technology to solve business challenges in real-world evidence, clinical development and drug safety.