Getting More Bang for Your Buck on iPad Investment

Namita Kalyan


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New research from ZS shows that pharma reps who make full use of tablets such as iPads can spend up to 33% longer on sales calls and improve physician engagement by up to 50%. But they’re the super users. Although most pharma reps are happy to use the video and graphics features of tablets to good effect – emphasizing use during sales calls – pre-call planning on the devices has gotten short shrift, leaving many sales reps unfamiliar with digital sales materials and often unprepared to use iPads most effectively.

That’s a waste of expensive technology. ZS finds that the reps who report greater success are those who use their tablets to review notes from prior interactions, recent trial data reports, and discussion recommendations—as well as to queue up materials that will have the greatest relevance for individual physicians.

How to close the gap between most reps and the super users? Our research identified three groups that can play key roles in maximizing investments in tablets and boosting the performance of the sales force: the training department, the brand teams and sales leadership. 

About the Expert

Namita Kalyan is an Associate Principal based in ZS’s Philadelphia office. She is the global lead for the Sales Force Effectiveness Practice and her focus has been in sales force strategy, design, and effectiveness. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies to evaluate and improve sales manager and rep effectiveness, including multi-country sales force training.

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