How a Lack of Data Integration Can Hurt Patient Services

Anshul Agarwal

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Pharmaceutical companies engage in multiple efforts to better understand patients and to enhance the patient experience, but access to patient data is limited and companies have to gather disparate information from multiple sources in order to establish a clearer picture of the patient journey. Integrating these data sources is essential to reduce inefficiencies, preserve budgets and capitalize on opportunities. Many data-savvy pharmaceutical companies are already taking steps toward data integration and generating robust insights that can be used to better understand the patient journey all the way from diagnosis to recovery, opening up the possibility for improved patient services, and an increase in adherence and patient retention.

In this article, ZS Principal Anshul Agarwal shares his thoughts on how data integration is key for pharmaceutical companies looking to more effectively monitor and design reimbursement support and other patient services.

Read the article to discover:

  • Six elements to address when integrating data from different sources
  • Insights that a pharmaceutical company can generate from integrating data
  • A four-step framework for generating more actionable insights from integrated data

About the Experts

Anshul Agarwal is a principal in ZS’s San Francisco office. He has more than 11 years of sales and marketing consulting experience in sales force design, distribution channel strategy design, patient analytics and information strategy design. He leads the global oncology and specialty therapeutics (distribution channel) strategy design and information management vertical at ZS.