How Pharma Can Work With the FDA to Embrace Innovation and Overcome Its ‘Adoptaphobia’

Venkat Sethuraman, Sharma Ramanathan Deva Devesa, Arvind Chavali

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Pharma companies have been slow to embrace innovations in clinical research, a phenomenon that the FDA’s outgoing commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, criticized as he left his role. Why is the industry so reluctant to adopt new innovations? And what does the pharma industry stand to lose if it doesn’t overcome its “adoptaphobia”?

In this article published in Applied Clinical Trials, ZS experts share a few effective strategies that pharma companies can use to strike a balance between adopting innovation and mitigating risk. Read the article ( /-/media/pdfs/how-pharma-can-work-with-the-fda-to-embrace-innovation-and-overcome.pdf?la=en ) .