Immuno-Oncology Products

Suhash Bhavsar

Immuno Oncology Products

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Immuno-oncology (IO) is a rapidly growing field with treatments that are designed to bolster a patient’s immune system to fight cancerous cells. Not only do these treatments provide improved results for patients, but they also offer pharmaceutical manufacturers strong opportunities for growth.

ZS analyzed social media surrounding the ASCO annual conference where a large number of oncology professionals gathered to discuss new treatments, clinical studies and ongoing developments in the field. This report from ASCO 2018 summarizes key observations from social media conversations on five major IO treatments.

About the Experts

Suhash Bhavsar is a manager in ZS’s Princeton, N.J., office and leads the social analytics capability at ZS. Suhash works with pharmaceutical clients to uncover insights using market research and a variety of data sources, ultimately driving strategies to shift the behaviors of key stakeholders.

Sonal Singh is an associate principal in ZS’s San Francisco office and a leader of the company’s product performance tracking practice. She has more than 13 years of experience leading several large-scale marketing engagements involving market research, launch planning and brand monitoring for several large clients in the Bay Area.