In the New Medical Device Sales Model, Managers, not Reps, Need Better Training

Torsten Bernewitz and Tobi Laczkowski

Here's a challenge: How do you cut costs—including cost of sales—while securing an effective promotional presence in the medical device market? The medtech space is seeing increased product commoditization and intense competition growth.

How about another challenge: You just embraced value-based selling and account management processes to become truly customer focused. But your customers aren’t buying it. Nor are your salespeople. Do you throw in the towel?

In this MD+DI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry) magazine article, ZS leaders Torsten Bernewitz and Tobi Laczkowski discuss why a strong first-line manager team is the key to solving these issues. As the medtech industry faces the ongoing market challenges of addressing costs and a shifting buyer, an increased focus on sales managers is critical. Placing sales managers at the center of sales effectivenesss can improve sales performance.

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