It’s a New World: Innovations in Oncology Data Analytics

Mahmood Majeed, Prashant Poddar

In oncology, there’s an enormous sales and marketing opportunity for the taking—and a great deal of that opportunity lies in managing and leveraging analytics to drive growth.

The market will grow enormously in the coming years, as industry observers estimate that oncology drugs will soon top $100 billion in annual sales. Accompanying that sales explosion are more product launches, a crowded market and products that serve smaller and smaller niches. At the same time, reduced access for sales reps can make it difficult for oncology drug makers to get their message to their customer base.

And sales and marketing for oncology drugs is enormously complex—a positive clinical experience or outcome alone is no longer enough to make a sale. Harnessing data to produce customer insight through analytics has become essential for pharma companies, but the particulars of the oncology market have made it particularly challenging.

Through case studies, this paper shows how pharmaceutical and biotech companies have improved their commercial operations through effective data management and advanced analytics.

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About the Authors

Mahmood Majeed, a ZS Principal based in Evanston, Ill., is a leader in ZS’ Business Technology practice and leads the data management reporting and analytics area within ZS’ Oncology and Specialty Therapeutics vertical. For nearly two decades, he has worked with clients in numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical products and services, and high tech. Mahmood’s expertise includes commercial technology transformation, with a specialized focus on sales and marketing effectiveness enterprise mobility, and implementing commercial technology capability building and operations for Fortune 500 companies.

Prashant Poddar is a Manager in ZS’s Evanston, Ill., office. Prashant has worked on a variety of sales and marketing issues in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. His areas of expertise include oncology commercial analytics, customer-facing strategy and team deployment, and managed care analytics. Prashant has also worked on the development of several ZS optimization software products.