Medtechs Must Partner With US Providers As Outcomes Revolution Ramps Up

In Vivo, featuring Brian Chapman

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It’s probably a moot point, but history may well show that the element of the US PPACA – the Affordable Care Act of 2010 – that had the most lasting impact was the importance it placed on providers becoming outcomes-focused.

Medtech vendors have been and will continue to be the unintended beneficiaries of this change in orientation away from activity-based payments. Forward-thinking companies have been busy doing a sweep of the landscape and have seen that positioning themselves early as partners with – rather than just suppliers of – their hospital customers is the way to provide sustainable benefits for both parties.

A new report from ZS Associates, Hospitals Have Spoken: How Medtech Can Benefit from the Affordable Care Act’s Focus on Outcomes, explains that, in the new world, the zero-sum game, where hospitals improve their costs by attacking manufacturers’ margins, is actually not the only game in town.

In fact, in an era where poor clinical outcomes are coming back on providers and affecting their bottom lines, hospitals have to be sharply focused on quality and performance, and medtechs have a critical role to play here.

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