Medtechs Should Not Play Dodgeball with Sales Force Effectiveness

Tobi Laczkowski

Medtechs Should Not Play Dodgeball with Sales Force Effectiveness

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From a commercial standpoint, Medtech has historically been dominated more by sales than the marketing function. There has also been a strong clinical focus: the clinician stakeholder has traditionally been top of the priority list in all matters regarding the delivery of care – and by a long way. But that has been changing over time, and the gap between the clinical stakeholder and the economic stakeholder has now shrunk – and in some cases the relationship has “flip-flopped,” to the extent that the clinician is often now a customer of the economic stakeholder.

So says Tobi Laczkowski, a principal and a leader in ZS Associates’ medtech practice, specializing in marketing, sales and value proposition design. This has prompted a lot of companies to look anew at sales force effectiveness (SFE) and how they define it – for the metrics might have changed since they last had a chance to review them, he says.

ZS Associates recently published the results of a year-long study into companies’ use and derived benefits of implementing SFE. It’s “Explorer Study” is described by Laczkowski and Eric Scott, co-authors of the resulting report, “Boosting Sales Force Effectiveness in Medtech (How Firms Can Gauge – and Improve Their ROI on Sales Initiatives),” as a rigorous cross-industry analysis of 800 data points from 171 companies, survey respondents and other sources.

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About the Expert

Tobi Laczkowski is a principal in ZS Associates’ Evanston, Ill., office and was previously based in the Zurich office. He has worked primarily with medical products clients in numerous practice areas, including sales force effectiveness, go-to-market strategy and transformation, compensation design, value proposition design and recruiting effectiveness. Tobi has worked on projects in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Contact Tobi at