How to Get Pharma Leaders to Wrap Their Minds – and Their Arms – Around Advanced Analytics

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The business of pharma is becoming more data-driven—from R&D to commercial—yet many pharma companies still struggle to garner leaders’ buy-in to build and operate the analytics programs that they need to fuel their success. They face tough challenges, including overcoming skepticism, proving the program’s value and scalability, finding the right talent and ensuring organizational collaboration.

At ZS’s 2018 Impact Summit in Chicago, I had the pleasure of speaking with three pharmaceutical professionals who have successfully implemented advanced analytics programs at their companies. Christy Gaughan, head of advanced analytics within global product strategy for Roche-Genentech, created a new advanced analytics group at her company and has extensive experience building analytics programs to drive business decisions. Vishnu Madiletti, head of U.S. data science for Amgen, has developed a technology ecosystem that evokes Silicon Valley. Greg Megdadi, senior director of business intelligence for Jazz Pharmaceuticals, is helping his smaller pharma company keep pace with the industry’s push toward data-driven decision-making. Read more ( /-/media/pdfs/pharma-leaders-to-wrap-their-minds-and-their-arms-around-advanced-analytics.pdf?la=en ) .