The Computer Vision Revolution Is Here. Are You Ready?

Rasvan Dirlea, Naman Gandhi and Nilesh Kadam

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While computer vision is nothing new, it’s opened up many possibilities for companies across industries, and it’s here to stay. Thinking about the business problems that could be solved by computer vision is the first step to driving more effective marketing efforts and higher profits for your company.

About the Experts

Rasvan Dirlea is a principal based in ZS’s Chicago office. As a leader of ZS’s pricing and revenue management practice, Rasvan focuses on helping companies drive revenue and grow profit through innovative pricing strategies, customer micro-segmentation, and targeting and product design. Over the years, Rasvan has worked with a broad portfolio of the world’s leading travel and transportation companies.

Naman Gandhi is a consultant in ZS’s Pune, India, office. He works closely with clients on formulating and designing structured and unstructured data analytics solutions using machine learning techniques to enable greater commercial effectiveness. His work is focused across multiple industries, including high-tech, travel and transportation and healthcare.

Nilesh Kadam leads ZS’s Pune, India-based data science team. He has worked with many Fortune 500 clients, leveraging his expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His work often revolves around enhancing data products and driving strategic initiatives for clients on a variety of use cases, including computer vision, campaign optimization, launch analytics, anomaly detection, behavioral targeting, recommender systems, social media analytics, text analytics, credit risk, collections analytics and algorithmic trading.

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