The ‘Startup Effect’ and the Future of Business Intelligence

Russell Evans and Tim Joyce

How large organizations can emulate startups to harness the power of insights

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Gone are the days when customer insights teams can passively receive questions from the business and address each in turn with a unique effort. That’s simply too slow and too expensive.

The future of insight generation—and what successful smaller organizations do so well—is achieved through a connected ecosystem across the organization. Focus on these four insights areas to increase collaboration and growth potential across marketing, sales, product development and more:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Enablement
  • Activation

About the Experts

Russell Evans is an associate principal in the marketing practice at ZS. He has extensive experience leveraging data and customer insight as a foundation for developing actionable growth strategies, new products and services, user experiences, and cross-channel customer engagement programs. Russell has worked across a number of industries, including consumer technology, apparel retail, hospitality and financial services. He helps clients with solutions including customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, demand-driven innovation, customer engagement strategy, campaign/tactic executional strategy and program management.

Tim Joyce is a principal in ZS’s Chicago office. He focuses on helping clients understand consumer demand and develop strategies to win in highly competitive markets. Tim’s focus has been on developing demand-driven growth strategies across telecommunications, consumer technology, consumer financial services and consumer goods. Clients engage Tim on a variety of growth-related issues including segmentation, targeting and positioning, market entry, innovation, pricing and acquisitions.

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