Three Steps for Using Data to Reshape Sales Territories

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Mutual fund companies use data analytics to inform product development and identify risks and opportunities in the marketplace. But when it comes to organizing their sales teams, fund shops often overlook analytics, risking missed opportunities and other inefficiencies.

When designing territories, there are three primary factors that fund executives should consider.

  1. Refine goals
  2. Define territories that meet objectives
  3. Review territory performance at least annually

Our research shows that firms that maximize wholesalers’ territory alignment, without adding resources, can increase fund sales by 2% to 7%.

Download “Three Steps for Using Data to Reshape Sales Territories” and learn how realigning your territories regularly will put your sales team in a better position to build relationships with advisors and drive growth.

We help financial services firms create winning strategies in areas such as:

  • Territory design and resource optimization
  • Customer and advisor segmentation and targeting
  • Financial advisor onboarding and effectiveness programs
  • Sales compensation design