Turn Outsourced Forecasting Into a Competitive Advantage

Ankur Batra


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Outsourcing any business process or function takes careful planning and management, as well as the right partner, but outsourcing forecasting capabilities can be particularly challenging—and the difficulty grows exponentially when you’re trying to outsource forecasting in a complex therapeutic area such as oncology or rare diseases. Answering these challenges will provide the forecasting capability with several advantages, including an increased internal focus on strategic insights from forecast results, faster decision-making and cost savings.

In this article, we discuss best practices and processes with ZS principals Judith Kulich and Ankur Batra, who have partnered with pharma clients to build outsourced forecasting capabilities.

About the Experts

Ankur Batra is a principal based in ZS’s New York office. He focuses on developing analytics and insights programs for pharmaceutical companies. He has spent more than a decade serving commercial teams in the U.S. pharma marketplace in an array of functions, including identification of market opportunities, planning sales force investments, running incentive programs, and analyzing business performance. Ankur is adept at designing and managing programs that improve the efficiency of commercial decision-making, helping companies drive commercial growth and profitability.

Judith Kulich is a managing principal in ZS’s San Francisco office and has spent several years as lead principal for forecasting. She works with clients to improve their own forecasting capabilities and operations and also has significant expertise in product development and launch, which she employs to help smaller organizations bring their first new products to market. Judith is a committed leader in ZS’s Women’s Leadership Initiative and the ZS Cares program.