Working Toward a Healthy Prognosis

Amy Marta

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The U.S. health care industry is complex and evolving, the result of consolidation, conflicting stakeholder interests and reforms in health care and regulatory policy. As the health care decision-making system becomes even more complex, market researchers who serve pharmaceutical clients must evolve as well. The biggest challenge for market researchers will be to understand "organized customers". In today's environment, organized customers are making decisions that historically were made by individual physicians acting independently. In order to continue to serve as a source of competitive advantage, market researchers must rethink not only their remit, but also their methodologies.

About the Experts

Amy Marta has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and currently leads ZS’s Customer Insights solution area. She has been responsible for developing the talent and capabilities to uncover relevant and actionable insights that will inform critical commercial decisions.