Integrate the advisor experience and drive profitable revenue growth

Asset managers are leaving money on the table in multiple ways. The problem? Supply-led, product-push model is no longer an optimal distribution strategy in light of changing market forces.

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At ZS, we help asset managers navigate their ever-changing distribution landscape.  Whether selling direct or through financial advisors, firms need to find a way to make their products stand out among a seemingly limitless number of investment vehicles, and to make their services stand out as advice becomes automated and commoditized.

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We have worked with financial services companies to create winning strategies in areas such as:

  • Integrated advisor experience through multi-channel marketing program design and “orchestration” technology
  • Investor and advisor buying journey, segmentation and targeting 
  • Wholesaler territory design and resource optimization
  • Incentive compensation design
  • National accounts strategy and relationship management
  • Distribution channel structure, sales process design, and role definition