The Power of Sales Analytics

Andris A. Zoltners, Prabhakant Sinha and Sally E. Lorimer


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Written by more than 20 business thought leaders from ZS Associates, The Power of Sales Analytics shows sales and sales analytics/operations leaders how to use analytics, data, and technology to help salespeople, sales managers, and leaders improve fundamental sales force decisions and processes. 

The book includes: 

  • Innovative approaches for using analytics to improve key sales force effectiveness drivers such as customer targeting, sales process design, sales force size and structure, territory design, talent management, incentive compensation, goal setting, and performance management.
  • Advice for creating and constantly improving the organizational capabilities needed to put analytics to work in supporting sales force needs, diagnosing sales force problems and opportunities, and designing key sales force effectiveness drivers.
  • A blueprint for prioritizing sales force analytic needs and implementing critical capabilities cost-effectively by assembling the right combination of internal and external resources, including both onshore and offshore resources.

To preview, download the Table of Contents/Foreword ( /-/media/files/publications/public/sales-analytics---tableofcontents.pdf?la=en ) and Introduction ( /-/media/files/publications/public/sales-analytics---introduction.pdf?la=en ) .

    > Download Sample Chapter ( /-/media/files/publications/public/salesanalytics-ch01.pdf?la=en )

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