The Price of Global Health

Ed Schoonveld


Global drug pricing is one of the most hotly debated yet least understood aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

How do drug companies set prices and what does it mean for patients? Why is government involvement increasing, and what is the impact on the global competitive environment? How can an industry that produces life-saving drugs have a poorer public reputation than two industries with products that kill: the gun and tobacco industries?

In “The Price of Global Health,” Ed Schoonveld, an expert and consultant in global pharmaceutical pricing and market access issues, explains how pharmaceutical prices are determined in a complex global payer environment and what factors influence the process. His insights will help healthcare industry professionals, policy makers and the broader public gain a better understanding of this highly complex and emotionally charged field.

“The Price of Global Health” is the first book of its kind: an in-depth but straightforward exploration of the pharmaceutical pricing strategy process, its underlying market access, general business and ethical considerations, and its implications for payers, physicians and patients. It is a much needed and invaluable resource.


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