Supporting Specialty Pharmacy and Oncology Analytics and Data Management for a Large Pharmaceutical Company


  • ZS partnered with a client to address common challenges in SP and oncology data acquisition, management and analytics (as illustrated above).
  • For both of the client’s existing products, ZS has:
    • Defined and established data exchange processes with the selected SPs, SDs and hubs, including data feeds for hub and patient service Web portals
    • Built a robust data management and reporting system that integrated SP, hub, EDI, third-party and internal data sets
    • Deployed a comprehensive suite of dashboards and analytics (in Excel, MicroStrategy)


  • Developed data strategy for client across multiple specialty data sources
  • Produced actionable insights into the product, customer and payer performance and helped drive strategic business decision
  • ZS trained client personnel on the use of the data and has also deployed self-service analytics portals to enable the client to create ad hoc analysis for internal uses.

Business Impact

  • Enabled advanced analytics and generated insights on patients, products and distribution process performance flows
  • Ensured faster patient starts, improved compliance and persistence with a state-of-the-art information platform
  • Improved targeting and increased focus on physician education—improving sales force effectiveness—with integrated dashboards and reporting capabilities