Call Planning for a Pharmaceutical Company


A large pharmaceutical company wanted a call plan to support the launch of a potential blockbuster drug.

Our Approach

ZS gathered inputs and insights from the organization’s leadership and brand teams to ensure the call plan was consistent with the launch strategy. The ZS team performed analysis of prior sales rep activity data and adjusted operational parameters accordingly. The call plan was developed by performing a physician-level optimization aimed at maximizing the results in each sales territory.

Throughout the project, the ZS team worked closely with brand leadership and sales management. The process provided full transparency during all phases of the project, ensuring the coverage strategy expressed by the call plan was understood and accepted by all key stakeholders.


ZS worked with the client to produce a call plan that maximized coverage of the opportunity for the new drug without negatively impacting the rest of the company’s products. Sales reps were focused on the best targets, the overall plan matched the company’s resource allocation strategy, and coverage levels were consistent with all the brand teams’ objectives.

The plan also accommodated field operational requirements and local dynamics. Relationships with valuable physicians were maintained (disruption on higher value targets was less than 1%), specific physician or office access limitations were considered, and adjustments to rep workload were made based on local dynamics.

As a result, the new drug reached blockbuster status (about $1 billion in sales) the first year of launch while other brands in the portfolio continued to grow.