Customer Insights for an Airline


A global airline wished to improve its understanding of customer needs, buying processes, and value perceptions in order to combat increasing commoditization pressures.

Our Approach

ZS conducted qualitative and quantitative research to define customer needs, buying processes, and potential. The qualitative research consisted of 65 blinded, in-depth customer interviews. These interviews validated and supplemented initial hypotheses of B2B account needs and buying processes. ZS then refined and tested its hypotheses with a broader universe through a rigorous quantitative survey instrument.

Blinded web-based surveys were administered to more than 1,200 B2B customers. Each survey contained some 200 questions, including a choice experiment to determine the relative importance of needs. ZS used latent class segmentation techniques to identify distinct account segments within the B2B customer universe, and developed algorithms and tools to project segment membership onto the entire account universe.


The client used the customer insights in the development of segment-specific value propositions, a customer-focused sales process, and an improved sales model design.