European Pharma Company Launches its First U.S. Product


A European firm is launching its first product in the U.S. market and wants to understand how to launch in the U.S. and the implications of different strategic decisions.

Our Approach

ZS identified the critical path for this company to launch in the U.S. and outlined the key milestones. We researched the market to assess the regulatory, reimbursement, and go-to-market landscape to help the client understand the various activities that would need to occur and how different decisions might impact the timing and outcome of these activities. We developed several “what if” scenarios to highlight how these implications would play out across the cross-functional launch activities.


The client received a big picture view of the various launch workstreams that would be required and how they fit together. This helped the client understand when critical decisions needed to be made and the downstream implications of those decisions. Furthermore, this enabled the client to be able to initiate broader organizational planning for their launch.