Image-Based Projective Techniques

Uncover the emotional motivators of your customers’ behavior

Every marketer aims to get deep inside the hearts and minds of customers. Understanding why and how customers make decisions allows marketers to target and influence behaviors, and pull the necessary levers to influence those behaviors in a way that is beneficial to their brand(s). To achieve this goal, marketers need to go beyond understanding only the rational drivers of behavior and explore emotional aspects of decision making.

Traditional research techniques that use straightforward qualitative and quantitative research methods, alone or together, can miss many of these emotional drivers. A more insightful approach using Image-Based Projective Techniques engages the customer in activities and dialogue where they can express themselves through images and metaphors to trigger emotional responses.


Using images to increase response among a challenging customer segment

A pharmaceutical client identified a large segment of physicians who avoided diagnosing and treating a certain disease. ZS used Image-Based Projective Techniques, which revealed that this segment was skeptical that treatment actually improved patients’ lives, and did not feel equipped to successfully help their patients. These insights guided the client to provide clearer guidelines about treatment and dosing, and help physicians understand the appropriate measures of success. Ultimately, physician willingness to treat the disease increased in this challenging customer segment.

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