Launching a Medical Diagnostic Product


A US company that develops and markets diagnostic medical equipment recognized that recent launches had not been successful and asked ZS for assistance to create a better launch capability.

Our Approach

ZS worked across functional areas within the company to diagnose the skill gaps, identify relevant strengths, understand the unique needs of the organization, and create a blueprint for success during product launches. The client was engaged cross-functionally to identify each step in the process, the roles and responsibilities of each functional area, key interdependencies, and time constraints. ZS created a set of launch tools and processes and delivered the associated training to insure adoption by functional areas across the organization.


The client used the new launch capability to bring two new products to market within a year. These launches exceeded sales forecasts by roughly 15% and were judged by senior management to be the most successful in the company’s history. The client continues to use and refine the set of launch tools and expertise transferred to their organization.